2016’s Hurricane, Cyclone and Typhoon Activity, Thus Far

September 23, 2016 / General / Geoff Linsley

2016’s hurricane, cyclone and typhoon activity, thus far, has been productive in the eastern Pacific, typical in the North Atlantic and pretty quiet in both the northern Indian Ocean and the western North Pacific. The season peaked September 10 but isn’t over until December.

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How Safe are Stadiums When Lightning Strikes

September 22, 2016 / General / Daphne Thompson

Do you think you are safe from lightning when in a stadium? If you are a college football fan, you probably noticed that the game between the University of Oklahoma and Ohio State University was delayed on Saturday, Sept 17. Media may have shown rain falling, but it was actually a lightning delay that caused the issues.

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Hurricane Disaster Dos and Don’ts

September 21, 2016 / General / Geoff Linsley

Hurricane disaster dos and don’ts can save lives, when properly applied. Preparing can prevent harm to houses, property and people. Before, during and after a big one hits, making the right choices can avert disaster.

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Do Commercials Glorify Lightning?

September 20, 2016 / General / Daphne Thompson

Businesses create commercials every year that appear to glorify lightning. They show people playing in thunderstorms, driving through dust storms, and 4-wheeling in blizzards. Lightning can and does kill dozens of people every year who either don't understand the risk or think they are invincible. 

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Salt in Rain

September 13, 2016 / General / Geoff Linsley

Salt in rain is notorious for corroding materials at sea and ashore. Salt in water is responsible for around 30% of failures on ships and other marine equipment. Without a preventative measure, such as a pre-applied oxide film, corrosive aquatic materials are threatened by water, especially ocean water - a solution that contains around 3.5% salt.

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How Weather Changed the Course of History for Houston

September 08, 2016 / General / Daphne Thompson

The course of history was significantly changed for the city of Houston, Texas by a single weather event. Today is the 116 year anniversary of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. When it struck this thriving city as a Cat 4 hurricane, the course of history changed.

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Your Guide to Rip Currents

September 07, 2016 / General / Geoff Linsley

Hermine spent the weekend churning up dangerous rip currents. Often called “rips,” the strong currents are funneled because of geological features that work to amplify their flows. Sometimes they are mistaken for rip tides - often called tidal jets or ebb jets - which are associated with the gradual flooding and ebbing caused by tidal currents and are more pronounced over gradual seabed gradients close to shore. Over 80% of lifeguard responses are due to rip currents. An Australia-wide 2013 study found that the aquatic threats were responsible for more deaths than sharks, bushfires, cyclones and floods combined.

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AstroDigital adds weather data with SkyWise Insight API

September 07, 2016 / General SkyWise / Daphne Thompson

Kate Lengold, Vice President of AstroDigital, says implementation of SkyWise Insight API was quick, simple and just what they needed to add extra value to their products. 

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WDT Employee Spotlight- Paul Kamis

September 07, 2016 / Employee Spotlight / Daphne Thompson

Name: Paul Kamis

Current Position: Software Engineer / Meteorologist

Degree: BS Meteorology (minor in CS)

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Assets: Creation and Display

September 07, 2016 / General SkyWise / Justin Stewart

In this tutorial, we're going to create assets from geojson for every county in Oklahoma using Insight API's Python client library. Then, we're going to walk through creating a choropleth map using Bokeh.

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