5 Unusual Ways Weather Data Can Be Used

April 03, 2017 by JT Johnson
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We all understand how the weather forecast can help us know what to wear to work or for exercising outside, or whether we should run our sprinklers in our garden or yard. From both a forecast and historical data perspective, there are numerous other uses for weather information, and some are a bit unusual.

Weather Data and BirdsBirds roosting on high voltage power lines can create problems under certain weather conditions.

Have you ever noticed how much birds like to roost on power lines? This can cause major issues to power companies. Our weather data was used to create a “bird poop algorithm.” This is just one of the odd ways that weather information can be used.

Read more about some of the unusual case studies using WDT weather data. You may really be surprised by a few!

Bizarre Weather Analytics

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JT Johnson

As CTO, JT Johnson is the visionary and technical leader for all aspects of WDTʼs global value-added weather systems and services. Before co-founding WDT, JT was Team Lead of severe weather algorithm development for the FAA and NEXRAD Program and Project Manager at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) for 13 years. For a 20-month stint as the Science and Operations Officer in the National Weather Service Olympic Weather Support Office for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, JT was responsible for ensuring that state of the science weather and communications capabilities were utilized to support the Olympic Games weather support effort. JT has written numerous journal articles and conference papers on severe weather analytics generation, given dozens of technical presentations and been the lead author on WDTʼs patents.