Running Against the Wind

March 07, 2017 by JT Johnson
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Are you a runner? If so, do you check the forecast before going out on a run? As a meteorologist, I’m keenly aware of what is going on with the weather. What I didn’t realize is how much the weather impacts my workouts and performance. 

Knowing current weather conditions and planning, mentally and physically, for the road ahead is the best way for any runner to deal with the weather. Don't like running when the wind is over 15 mph or in high heat or humidity? Then you need to know the weather ahead of time and plan accordingly. Wouldn't it be nice if running mobile apps could give you this information? Instead of just knowing the current conditions before you run, I envision exercise apps that could query for relevant analytics and then speak these things to the runner. It would be much more valuable to not only runners, but also all those who enjoy being outside. Read more about my thoughts on this subject in my blog, linked below.

Running Weather Observations

Running Against the Wind

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JT Johnson

As Chief Technology Officer, JT Johnson leads WDT’s development, research, operations and technical support teams for all weather systems and services. Before co-founding WDT, JT was Team Lead of severe weather algorithm development for the FAA and NEXRAD Program and Project Manager at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) for 13 years. For a 20-month stint as the Science and Operations Officer in the National Weather Service Olympic Weather Support Office for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, JT was responsible for ensuring that the leading edge of the science of weather and communications capabilities were utilized to support the Olympic Games weather support effort. JT has written numerous journal articles particularly about radar-based severe weather detection and prediction tools as well as conference papers on severe weather analytics generation. JT has given dozens of technical presentations a weather and technology conferences and been the lead author on WDTʼs seven granted patents.