The Atlantic Basin is Heating Up. Are You Receiving the Right Info?

August 04, 2017 by Daphne Thompson
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After recently having Tropical Storm Emily form overnight in the Gulf of Mexico and then cross Florida, we now have two more tropical disturbances. Is your company prepared for a tropical storm or hurricane? Are you receiving the right information to ensure minimal impact?

Quickly identifying and assessing threats is critical to managing your offshore operation. WeatherOps Commander allows you to visualize important weather information in time for rapid decision making. Get notified via email, text message, push notification, or can even call our forecasters 24/7. WeatherOps offers a number of different products for businesses to protect assets that could be affected by tropical weather. 

Invest 99L on August 4, 2017

Invest 99L, located south of Cape Verde, currently has an 80% chance of becoming tropical depression or storm. Our Significant Tropical Disturbance Advisory not only tells you where the storm is located, but also gives you the estimated path out to 120 hours, a detailed forecast regarding sustained winds, and model tracks showing where we expect it to go. 

Invest99L Forecast

Take a look at what we can offer by downloading today's Significant Tropical Disturbance Advisory now (8-4-2017 - AM Report).

Significant Tropical Disturbance Advisory

Daphne Thompson

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