Working "On Your Company" vs. Working "In Your Company"

January 10, 2017 by Mike Eilts
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One role of a President/CEO is to be a visionary and to create and continue to refine strategy for the business. It can be hard to do that if you are also trying to manage day-to-day meetings, plan for the next quarter and more.

How much time are you spending working on your company versus thinking bigger picture and strategy? Read more about my thoughts on this subject in my recent blog. Click here!

Working "On Your Company" vs. Working "In Your Company"

Working On Your Company

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Mike Eilts

Mike and four others founded WDT in 2000 in Norman, Oklahoma. The founders of WDT all came from meteorological research organizations in Norman and WDT continues to maintain relationships with these research organizations to extract new technologies from them. Before founding WDT in April 2000, Mike was employed with the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) for 18 years, the last seven as Assistant Director. While at NSSL, Mike built and led a Division that grew from 8 to 100 people which was funded by the NWS, DOD, and FAA to develop the core automated weather detection and prediction capabilities for the NEXRAD and Terminal Doppler Weather Radar programs resulting in the successful deployment of both of those networks. Mike has written over 75 papers and is internationally recognized for his knowledge of Doppler radar and its application to severe weather warning, aviation hazard detection and prediction and precipitation estimation.